Balcony and Penthouse Gardening

The first step that any condo owner should do if they are interested in making their balcony look better is, contact the property manager of the building. Find out what you can and cannot do, in lot of buildings there are a myriad of restrictions. However if you get approval from the manager or the Board and you have a budget of at least 3 -K we would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary site visit.

The condominium lifestyle has some great advantages. For a lot of people the view is a very compelling part of that lifestyle. For people who like to enhance their view, with flowers, plants, trees and or floral displays, it can be a challenging situation to make things grow at altitude.

For people who use to live and garden at ground level, the first thing that you notice is that you are gardening in an "Alpine Environment". The main limitations of this environment are:

  • The Wind.

  • Extremes swings in temperature.

  • Too much sun or not enough sun.

  • Lack of irrigation.

  • The main result of the above is that you are limited in the plant material that you can use.

In consulting with condo owners we notice other common situations that are problematic for growing anything.

  • Most planting containers are too small and very few are insulated.

  • A lot of condo owners have active lifestyles, so they are not around to water the plants, nor do they have an irrigation system.

  • It is important to note, that to put anything your balcony it must be safe in the wind and it must conform to the rules and safety of the corporation. Sometimes the rule is as simple as, what colour is it.

With some of the above considerations in mind, Highwater can provide a first class solution to these problems. We provide custom built containers with the following attributes.

  • They can be custom made to any size.

  • These beautiful containers are robustly made of premium wood.

  • They are painted or stained to any paint chip colour you like.

  • All the containers come with a galvanized steel liner; in addition the containers are insulated with Styrofoam, they have drainage holes drilled into them. The result of this is the fact that the earth does not come in contact with the wood, so the containers will last a long time.

  • The other major benefit of these containers is the fact that plants will live a lot longer in the insulated containers, compared to non-insulated. Size really matters with containers, big is generally better.

As a one stop solutions provider, we also provide a number of different floral arrangements and planting options.

For some people they want to have a special Look for their space, which can be achieved with the four seasons floral display.

Some people like to have a planting of evergreens, with some open spaces where they can plant their own seasonal flowers.

Other people like to have a herb garden to provide fresh spices for their culinary delights.

Some people would like one of the above options, as well as a privacy screen.